About Sara

meHello and a very warm welcome to my blog which is all about cross stitching. My name is Sara Lance (no, not the one from Arrow ;)) and I have done masters in Home Economics. I selected this field because I am very passionate about stitching and love doing different stuff just while sitting at home. I try to keep myself busy at home throughout the day by doing home decorations. However, cross stitching is one of my favorite pastime activities and I spend most of my leisure hours doing cross stitching. This hobby of mine has helped me in making a good amount of money as well.

I live in California with my 2 cute kids. I have been designing cross stitches for around 15 years or so. I am very pleased with myself to have adopted this amazing art as my passion. This blog was created by me to increase awareness among the people about cross stitching and to teach others about the art of cross stitching. I want other people to see and appreciate my work and try to come up with other designs using my creations.

There are a number of cross stitching designs available which are both unique and pleasing on the eyes. I have made a wide range of cross stitch designs in accordance with different events like marriages, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. All the designs are available on the blog along with their pictures and detailed guidelines to help you in replicating them in the exact manner.

Yesterday, I made a design for my girl wishing her happy birthday and she was very delighted to see it. I am working on a number of beautiful designs which will be published soon on my blog. All these upcoming designs were passed on to me by my grandmother and I am sure that you are going to love them.

So, please stop by my blog to learn how to make beautiful cross stitching designs. For updates and special sales, sign up for my newsletter today.