Cross Stitch Patterns for Babies

Babies are very cute and for these cuties, the things related to them should also be very cute. You can design many different cross stitch patterns for your babies and make their life more colorful. The key to finding success with patterns for babies is to let your imagination take the lead. Create a mental picture of what would look good and then simply start sewing. Taking a start would be difficult but once you will start stitching, a pattern would develop on its own.

I have been cross stitching for the last 3 years. I started practicing cross stitching just after my marriage and slowly learned the art. I have finally mastered it to a great extent and I am extremely happy that my designs are very popular among my customers. I am sharing some of my masterpieces with the hope that you will like them and take inspiration from them.


My personal favorite pattern is the one in the picture above. The idea behind this pattern is my son’s love for animals. So, I started by stitching the four animals which my son likes the most. Afterwards, I wrote his birth date, time and his weight to keep a birth record. You can try the same with different animals or take inspiration from this to create a unique birth record for your baby.


Praying before going to sleep is a very good habit and your child must do this before going to bed. I just stitched this good habit so that it stays in front of his eyes throughout. There is so much creativity that can be incorporated in the pattern. From the bedsheet design to the design of the bed, you can play with a lot of things in this pattern. I made this design for my sister’s son and wrote his name, birth date and his weight. It took me 2 days to complete this one.


This design is not my creation. This one was made by my cousin and I loved it so much that I thought to include it in this post. She designed this pattern for her baby boy and it’s a great representation of a father and son relationship. The hand of a child in the hand of his father is something very touchy and is inspiring at the same time.

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These 2 cross stitch patterns are also great but again I can’t take credit for these. A beautiful lady sold me these two masterpieces when I had gone on vacations and both of them are so good that I thought to include them in this list of cross stitched patterns for my babies.

If you love to do cross stitching and plan to have a baby then you should take out some time to first master stitching and then create a design for the baby. From designing funny cartoon characters to incorporating graphic representations of cute animals and from writing a special message to writing your baby’s name, it’s all up to you what you want to do. If you can’t come up with anything on your own, you can always ask you partner for ideas!