Cross Stitch Patterns for Valentines

Love is life and without love there is no sense of life. Love is really a special thing and there are some moments when you express your love in different ways to your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is such an occasion in which lovers express their love in many different ways but designing a cross stitch pattern of love is a unique and creative way of telling your love how much you adore them.

In this post, I am going to tell you about how to design a cross stitch pattern for Valentine’s Day. You can try many different things like writing your lover’s name in the center with hearts all around or you can also write any statement of love to express your feelings to your loved ones. There are a number of ways to express your feelings through cross stitching but the following two designs are the best of all.


I made this design for my love a few years back and he loved it very much. This art piece is very special for the ones you love. The five roses with leaves and a heart in the center make this design a true delight. I spent only 3 days to complete it and was very proud on my creation. A Total of 22 colors have been used in this design. The material type is Aida Generic White, the size of the design is 75 x 65 stitches, the sewing count is 14/inch, the sewn design size is 5.4 x 4.6 inches, the material size is 11.3 x 10.5 inches and the stitch style is cross stitch using 2 strands.

There is another design, which is also one of my favorites is shown below:


I made this design for my younger sister when she was 17. It was during the early days of my stitching career and I was very happy to create this. It took me around 15 days to complete this masterpiece and my sister still loves it. The same Aida Generic White material has been used in this design. It makes use of 25 colors, the sewing count is 14 inch, design size is 105 x 90 stitches, the sewn design size is 7.5 x 6.4 inches, material type is 13.4 x 12.3 inches and the same cross stitch style using 2 strands.

Both of these designs are my favorite and are very easy to make as well. So, if you want to give a special gift to the love of your life on this valentine’s win then gifting them any of the above cross-stitch designs would be a smart choice on your behalf.