That Time of the Year – Christmas Designs

Christmas is a wonderful occasion which is celebrated with religious zeal all around the world. I love the Christmas festivities a lot and try to do something new every year to enjoy it as much as possible. It’s all the better that Christmas is a great occasion for making cross stitched designs! I am very fond of cross stitching and started practicing it when I was just 9 years old. My maternal family have been running a cross stitched design business for the past 15 years to great success. They stitch and sell to generate revenue and it’s been going so good that they have now even hired some workers to promote the business.

Last year was great as I got to stitch a great number of Christmas designs. We had received a huge order for our designs just a week before Christmas and almost everybody in the family got to work in order to complete the designs.


One of my favorites from last year was this mini Christmas tree and it took only few hours to complete. The design is very simple and the great thing about it is that it is easy to stitch. I used five colors in this project and you can use more according to your requirements. I knew that the design would land up in the hands of a 7 year old kid so I tried to make it as colorful as possible.

Another one of my favorites from last year’s creations was the design of Santa Clause. The customer was a father who wanted to to gift his son a cross-stitched design of Santa Claus on Christmas.


I used 12 colors on this project and added a statement from my side wishing ‘Merry Christmas’. I completed this task in a day and handed it over to my customer on the eve of Christmas so that he won’t be late with his gift.


This is another project which I stitched last Christmas for one of my valuable customers. She is my friend and every year I spend some quality time with her on Christmas. She had suggested about making a Christmas tree with gifts lying around as a design and I thought about giving the same design to her as a gift. I felt inspired while creating this and therefore, added two kids who were really happy in the design as well. Knowing how she loves puppies, I added that as well to make her all the happier. Even though it took me three days to complete this, the smile on my friend’s face was all that mattered!

There were 2 more designs which I stitched last year though they were both very simple. In the first design I wrote ‘Happy Merry Christmas’ and the second one was also similar to it. I love this art and being busy with stitching unique designs feels great!