Unique Cross Stitch Designs

Cross Stitching is great fun if you love it though it can prove tough if it’s not your interest. Practice holds the key when it comes to getting good at cross stitching and one you master the main art, everything would become easy. It would then depend on your imagination and your ability to make your ideas a reality.

I am sharing a few of my best designs so as to help you in finding inspiration for your own ideas.


You must be wondering as to what that is! Well, they are basically just the germs and microbes which are neatly stitched. If you are a biology student then you can actually get inspiration from your own course books.


Rather than writing the alphabets on a board or notebook to make your child learn, it is better to stitch these alphabets to make things easier for you. They will learn the shapes and can quickly adopt.


You can also create different shapes and designs according to your choices. Look at this design. It looks like a sun but the rays are curvy. You can design any shape and add some uniqueness to it. If you are creative then it is not a hard task to design anything unique but your sewing must be perfect in order to get the desired results.


For any upcoming marriage of your friend or family member, this cross stitched bride and groom will be ideal to give as a marriage gift. I made pattern for my aunt’s wedding but I used more colors because I wanted to make sure that that the pattern represented the colorful environment of the wedding. For events like marriages, you can try different things like wishing them through your statement with even fireworks as background.


This pattern is one of my favorites. This eye-catcher is cross stitched by one of my relatives. She is excellent in her work and the above picture says it all. The neatness in this design is exemplary and is a must when designing unique cross stitched items.


This is another one of my cousin’s masterpieces. The use of colors in the pattern is amazing and it all adds up to set a wonderful evening scene in the pattern.

If you want to create awesome designs and unique patterns, what’s important is to ensure that you let your imagination do the main work. Your skills at cross stitching though should be great as well so that the picture in your mind is translated exactly on paper.